Isetan, the Pusateri’s of Tokyo

While in Tokyo, one will come across many Isetan stores every now and then. The popular high-end department stores are usually in a very tall concrete buildings, with very beautiful window displays showing off the world’s top designers in the most captivating way.

While the gleaming fashions are catchy, what you cannot miss is the basement of each Isetan store that houses the most incredible grocery store with endless options of food.

The food in the basement of each Isetan is organized by categories and types of foods. For instance, for all the sushi lovers out there, there is a huge section of prepared sushi and fresh fish. If you are hungry on the spot, there is even a 5-seat sushi bar or a full fledge sushi restaurant. If you are in the mood for Chinese or Italian, you can head over to the appropriate section and choose from a beautiful display of wide array of foods to take home with you.

While most Tokyo citizens eat out because most have tiny kitchen, if you choose to cook at home, you can choose from a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that almost do not look as if they are real, or head over the the gigantic meat counter that has every type of cut of meat you can think of, including the ultra expensive wagu!

Whatever you fancy, you cannot miss a visit to Isetan for some food shopping because it is an experience in it self!





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