Fresh Seafood Prepared just for you in Phuket!

While in Phuket, Thailand, I accidentally stumbled upon an indoor market that sold a variety of vegetables, meats, dry good and seafood. As I wondered around the market, I wondered how could I possibly try some of this wonderful food if I don’t have a kitchen to cook in?!

Luckily enough, I talked to another fellow tourist and she advised that there are small retailers located in the food court on the second floor where they will prepare a dish for you for a small fee as long as you provide them with the food.

I was so delighted to hear that, and ever so grateful to the fellow tourist for telling me this little secret because I would’ve missed out on the best seafood dishes I have ever tried. As soon as we said our good bye’s, I rushed to the seafood counter and purchased a variety of seafood such as blue crabs, prawns and scallops.

I made my way upstairs where I chose a local mom-and-pop shop and asked them to cook my catch of the day. After patiently waiting for about 20 minutes, I was enjoying some of the most amazing seafood!


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