Thai Cuisine: street food condiments 101

Eating in your way through Thailand can be a little confusing or even intimidating for beginners because Thai cuisine so very different from our typical North American food. Here is a quick snap shot of what you will find at almost every single street food cart through out Thailand to ensure that you Asian eating experience that much more enjoyable…

From left to right:

1st image: this is the typical cooking station set up most vendors will have for preparing your meal which consists of sugar and palm sugar, a variety of liquid seasoning ingredients such as soy sauce, Maggie sauce and oyster sauce, and pre-cut vegetables such as tomatoes, green onion, bean sprouts and coconut milk which is every so popularly used in Thai cuisine

2nd image: although I was not able to find the exact English translation of this sauce, this is another very popular liquid seasoning commonly found through out Thai street food vendors. It is a cross between a soya sauce and an oyster sauce with a very liquid consistency, and it is used to add the salty flavours because Thai’s usually don’t use salt in their cooking.

3rd image: this is a typical street-side table set up where you will find a basket full of spices that you can add to your meal. Normally each basket will contain some vinegar with Thai chilies, sugar, fish sauce and dry chilies. Thais like to eat a meal with well balanced flavour profiles which is why they have a condiment for every  taste!

Hopefully this light introduction will easy you into the world of Thai cuisine and make it less intimidating. Most importantly, don’t be shy and try everything you possible can on your journey of Eating in Asia




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