Thip Samai – A unique Pad Thai in Bangkok you must try!

A trip to Bangkok is not complete without trying the infamous Pad Thai at Thip Samai in the heart of Bangkok. Thip Samai is one of the coolest restaurants in Bangkok, and it has only one thing on the menu, and you guessed it .. it is Pad Thai! This legendary Thai restaurant has long line ups so it recommended to get there before the dinner rush, otherwise you will be waiting for a long time

Now what is so special about Thip Samai you ask?

Their pad Thai preparation is like no other because they prepare a fresh pad Thai and then wrap it in a thin blanket of fried eggs, and in order to eat your pad Thai, you must gently slice open the eggs and enjoy the combination of noodles and eggs in one bite.

Looking at the restaurant, it appears like chaos but some how all the staff make it work and it is one smooth operation!

This Thai eating experience is not to be missed on your Eating in Asia experience



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